Saucy Romance Novella? (xrated)

Her Love Knows No Bounds

He stumbled through the door, clumsy, and drunk. He really did try and be quiet, but it was no use, she had already been lying in bed, awake, and waiting. As he made his way wearily down the hallway, she flipped on the light and he squinted up at her, partially covering his sweaty face from the harsh intrusion. Her eyes penetrated him, and he knew he had some explaining to do – or so he thought.

Such wasn’t the case on this night.

He took a few more steps and stumbled straight into her arms. Her eyes softened as she helped him back up and took him into the bedroom. She knew why he wanted to escape his thoughts with drugs and alcohol, she just wished he’d find another coping method. She found her solace in him, and took care of him at his very worst. Her love knew no bounds. She knew he lied, cheated, and did things behind her back. She didn’t care. He always came home to her, brought true love with him, and that (seemingly) was enough.

On this particular night, he needed more comfort than usual. It was the anniversary of his mother’s death. So, as he drank away his emotions and sought to hide, she consoled him with an offering of flesh. Her hot breath on his neck, she kissed him softly, and smelled the alcohol coming straight from his pores. Her lips brushed his jawline and she brought his mouth down to hers in a breathy kiss. She thought she might be the one intoxicated.

He brought his hands up to cup her face and passionately pulled her closer, kissing her harder. They fell onto the bed simultaneously. As he clumsily crawled on top of her, she pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her low and full breasts beneath. He leaned down and wrapped his mouth around her nipple as he cupped the breast and tugged upward – making her cry out. She arched her back and her head tilted back, eyes flickering, taking in the pleasure.

He kissed his way back up to her lips and kissed her softly as he unbuttoned her jeans, and she wiggled them off onto the floor. She was now completely naked before him. He watched her closely, painting a drunken picture in his mind as he slowly undressed. A night he tried to forget – but now wanted to remember this sight, her raw, and wet, before him.

His adonis now in complete display, she sat up and looked up at him with “want you” eyes. Keeping steady eye contact, she took him in her mouth. After a few seconds, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the taste. Her love knows no bounds.He grabs her hair and tilts his head back in pure extacy.

It isn’t two minutes and he decides that rather than releasing in her mouth, he wants to be inside of her. Now, slightly more sober, forcing his way into conciousness, he pulls her away from him and gently pushes her on the bed as he climbs on top of her once more, this time, to enter her moist middle.

As he slides into her silken flesh, she moans and grabs onto his muscular back and pulls him deeper within her. He begins driving it into her harder, sloppy, but with definitive rhythm. Neither of them grasped the concept of time at that point, completely lost in each other and in the heat of passion. When they both found themselves in climax together, it was magical. He fell down on her in exhaustion and she curled up next to him as they both drifted away into a dream of one another.


Love *(11)* Affair

Alright. I know when I see this number, eleven, in any sequence. 11:11, 1:11  on the clock, licence plates, page 11 in books, song 11 on a cd, and it makes itself predominant in my life that there is something that I have to pay attention to. It is my understanding that this is how my angels or spirit guides communicate with me.

The first time I realized 11:11 wasn’t a coincidence was in early 2008. I had seen it everywhere and had made a mental note “hmm, that’s odd,” or some such. I clocked into work one saturday morning late at 11:11 and decided to make a point to see what the big deal was.

This YouTube video explains it in under 3 minutes.

Every major life event I’ve had since then came with a prerequisite of seeing the 11’s everywhere. Both good and bad things that have happened to me. Getting money, my mothers death, seeing old friends, finding some one new to influence my destiny, even my arrest before doing five months in jail I actually got arrested at 11:11am on the 11th of December, 2011.

BAH! It’s 11:11 as I write this, I’m telling you… something is happening.

Here are the signs for this “warning.”…

I’ve, of course, seen it on the clock, 11:11 and 1:11 numerous times in the last few days. Multiple texts all from the same person, to and from, in and out, at 11:11 and 1:11, also. Same person gives me the name of a band previously previewed and liked by me that I wanted to hear more of. The last track on the album is actually freaking called 11:11. And this person is a prospective love affair, and some one I just met, and some one I’d like to get to know even better.

So the question is (to my guides)… What then? What do I do with this “information?” And why then, does it seem so hard to make whatever this is come to fruition?

The thing is, he’s such a nice guy and I would hate to screw something up by acting as if I already have some semblance of the future. Because no matter what, whether we date for awhile and he introduces me to some one else that knows some one else who will, I don’t know, make me famous or something. (lol) Or, if we are somehow kindred souls connecting aflame… To me, there’s an obvious reason for his existence in my life, no matter how that unfolds. I am having a terrible time holding back, though.

I’m puzzled though because this is out of character for me. Pffhh, nevermind, doing the EXTRAORDINARY seems to be what is NORMAL for me. Beloved Creator, please let it be good…

“111 – This sign is used to indicate that your thoughts are related to the start of a new cycle in your life. What you are thinking about doing or changing is correct for the new phase of your life.”

And part of the lyrics to 11:11 by In This Moment…

“Baby, There’s not a thing I would change. My heart stayed in the flames, Baby, It’s been a beautiful tragedy. But at least I can say, at least I can say I loved.”

I have arrived.

Frugality of Humility

It began a quiet day, to say the least. The birds had all felt the frigid cold and got away from this place. I had to play some music, or I might get lost somewhere between morals and silence. I’ve been overcome, lately, with some sense of gratitude for this kind of silence – though the cold makes the silence almost deafening.

Amidst the weather, shrouded in a blanket of silent gratification came a man whose only fear is that from which he came. He greets the day with passion and pride. It’ll be this day that he awakens from the madness he’d spun himself into. Through all of his daft glory, never would he be complete until this day of silent realization. Through all of his measures, never had he, before, measured himself up right, putting away his egotistical reptilian brain. It is on this day that he finds himself.

If quiet could be measured, the silence would be an anomaly. Would he pace and prod through nonexistent dreams, or be productive enough to drown out the voices in his head which keep him from seeing what I see? It’s still very quiet in my head, awaiting his elusive words. – awaiting a testimony of love and devotion or an input of more silence for his reprieve. It matters not what the words are that are said in the end. If a thought is worth a penny, and a feeling is worth a dime – emotion is worth a dollar. Something that is prudent in his body language but my eyes see right through him.

If we can remember that time is a manmade construct, then we can understand that the only thing that governs our lives is the sun. When it spreads its arms out and reaches over from east to west it finds us, together in darkness – it carries us through another day. It is this perspective that leads us to an alternative intellectuality. We’re not intimidated by the day, because if time is a manmade construct, then an hour can be eight, by way of our cadenced heartbeats. And though we barely sleep, we are immersed in sweet blissful gratification of the daybreak. The sun acts as our savior, and we are saved from what could be – but isn’t actually haunting us.

Time seems to move more quickly during the day. Einstein probably noticed this one day, and maybe it led to a fraction of his brilliance. Too many people take for granted the words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions of a day. I call this the “Change Exchange,” and that thought is only worth a penny. Where do you put your investments and are they well taken care of? Do you trust those you invest in?

The majority of my investment is in this man, who for the sake of protecting the innocent, we will call Adam. Adam is a hard worker, a diamond in the rough for any authority figure, because Adam does what he is told. This incredible oppression as he sees it – makes it easy for him to denounce any other responsibility without a guilty conscience. You can’t tell him anything he doesn’t think he already knows, and he learns only by observation. He gives what he won’t take, and he’ll take anything he’s given – unless it comes off as charity or sympathy. But today is the day of his reckoning. Maybe he will realize that the world is his to have and to hold, and so am I. Before his motto might be ‘if there are no expectations, then there is no limit, and no room for failure,’ which has been his cradle. He will soon see the world with expediential possibilities, as I do. His imagination will no longer be something that he hides from and ignores.

What kind of demons will he cast out to achieve this perfection? On a small scale it looks like just a simple matter of emotional laziness. But the bigger picture indicates something vastly more inherent and overbearing in the way. A free spirit still chooses his or her burdens and chains. I believe he enjoys being careless and carefree. He merely needs to balance the uncanny idea that he is a kept man with the inevitability of it being the only path to true happiness. This is a road he definitely wants to walk, but will fear it until he actualizes its omnipotent possibilities, and sees it for what it is, rather than seeing it as a cage for which he is doomed to reside.

The “Cage” is not me. I “keep” no one.

All I know is I can’t run anymore. I’m not as young as I used to be, and if time is a manmade construct then I have allowed it to take me with it in years, not hours. At this hour I am contemplating the profligacy of my own humility. For where I am strong, I have been weak, where I am hard, I have been soft, and where I find my own reprieve, I’ve found a thirst for sympathy – instead of empathy. This is probably the flaw that Adam sees in me. I have, thusly, invested more in him than I have in myself. It is this brilliant attribute of loving without consequence that is my only downfall. I call it loving without consequence because it’s not completely selfless, the way I love. It is true that I find some gratification in what I give to others, and while it might be endearing, it’s not without consequence. “I don’t care what you do with me, just let me love you.”

I am happy being able to attempt to make him happy. I believe with my whole heart that one day the pieces will fall into place because that is the vision I’ve had for myself from the time I was a small child. And when I first saw him I knew, with every rudiment of my being that I wanted to love him for the rest of my life, and believe you me, I intend to.

However, on this day of my true loves reckoning, I will be silent. There is nothing in this world I fathom worthy enough for my complete devotion and it will be my sincere investment in him that sees him through.

Now, I’ve given you a whole jar of pennies. Do what you will, but invest wisely.Image