Love *(11)* Affair

Alright. I know when I see this number, eleven, in any sequence. 11:11, 1:11  on the clock, licence plates, page 11 in books, song 11 on a cd, and it makes itself predominant in my life that there is something that I have to pay attention to. It is my understanding that this is how my angels or spirit guides communicate with me.

The first time I realized 11:11 wasn’t a coincidence was in early 2008. I had seen it everywhere and had made a mental note “hmm, that’s odd,” or some such. I clocked into work one saturday morning late at 11:11 and decided to make a point to see what the big deal was.

This YouTube video explains it in under 3 minutes.

Every major life event I’ve had since then came with a prerequisite of seeing the 11’s everywhere. Both good and bad things that have happened to me. Getting money, my mothers death, seeing old friends, finding some one new to influence my destiny, even my arrest before doing five months in jail I actually got arrested at 11:11am on the 11th of December, 2011.

BAH! It’s 11:11 as I write this, I’m telling you… something is happening.

Here are the signs for this “warning.”…

I’ve, of course, seen it on the clock, 11:11 and 1:11 numerous times in the last few days. Multiple texts all from the same person, to and from, in and out, at 11:11 and 1:11, also. Same person gives me the name of a band previously previewed and liked by me that I wanted to hear more of. The last track on the album is actually freaking called 11:11. And this person is a prospective love affair, and some one I just met, and some one I’d like to get to know even better.

So the question is (to my guides)… What then? What do I do with this “information?” And why then, does it seem so hard to make whatever this is come to fruition?

The thing is, he’s such a nice guy and I would hate to screw something up by acting as if I already have some semblance of the future. Because no matter what, whether we date for awhile and he introduces me to some one else that knows some one else who will, I don’t know, make me famous or something. (lol) Or, if we are somehow kindred souls connecting aflame… To me, there’s an obvious reason for his existence in my life, no matter how that unfolds. I am having a terrible time holding back, though.

I’m puzzled though because this is out of character for me. Pffhh, nevermind, doing the EXTRAORDINARY seems to be what is NORMAL for me. Beloved Creator, please let it be good…

“111 – This sign is used to indicate that your thoughts are related to the start of a new cycle in your life. What you are thinking about doing or changing is correct for the new phase of your life.”

And part of the lyrics to 11:11 by In This Moment…

“Baby, There’s not a thing I would change. My heart stayed in the flames, Baby, It’s been a beautiful tragedy. But at least I can say, at least I can say I loved.”

I have arrived.


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