The Liar

Is it ever socially acceptable to lie? I know that I wear a social mask. That, by default, implies deception.

Since I was a kid, there has always been things that I can’t show people about my eccentric spirituality. When I was a kid I would not have called it spirituality – I would have just said, maybe, “parts of who I am.”

Today, I’m much more lax, for instance, I can tell some people that I talk to my spirit guides and not feel so weird about it, because I know that normal people judge other people based on these sorts of things. I, personally, don’t understand people’s reasoning. Why, for instance, other people don’t talk to their spirit guides like I do. However all of the ridicule I received for being “different” made it necessary for me to develop a social mask to protect myself.

Occasionally this feeling of “people don’t/won’t understand me” or “I can’t get my message across adequately without wearing the mask” will lead me to lie about things when I think I’m lying to protect someone.

I cant presume to explain why I do certain things when I’m led to do them from what seems to be the universe. People do not understand. They assume that I have the same intentions as the rest of the human race, that my motives are for some strange personal gain on a physical level.

How do you tell someone that the universe has led you to make certain decisions which, in turn, may have hurt them? They look at you and say “the universe made you hurt me?… Some universe!… I think (fill in the blank) is what you wanted!!”

I lied about the context of a relationship to spare someone’s feelings. My intentions were out of love and not wanting to hurt the person.

More and more, as people are awakening to this new spirituality, certain things are becoming more socially acceptable. That is speaking very generally.

But it could be that, for that reason, I was being entirely too presumptuous. Who am I to think that you won’t understand?

I’m constantly growing and learning. I know that I am not infallible, and by no stretch of the imagination am I anywhere near perfect. I made a mistake.

My beloved creator thought well enough to send me a most understanding person, no doubt, to teach me this simple lesson.

I do my best to live by ancient Toltec knowledge. I’m certainly no guru, though.

My real question is, I suppose, should I completely absolve myself of the social mask? Or are there things that I still shouldn’t say concerning who I am on a deeper spiritual level?

And perhaps my problem is that I haven’t really surrounded myself with people that are like me.

I know that I have justified this sort of lying for far to long. And I’m lucky to have some one that understands that my love is genuine for them whether or not they see it as an area wherein I needed to grow and develop along spiritual lines.

We should never lie about what we do, or what our intentions were/are. We should stand by the actions we take, and how we feel – even if were not proud of it, or we think it won’t be accepted by others. We should not assume things just because we assume that other people would assume things. (Ass out of u & me?)

As hard as this lesson has been to learn, I have nothing but gratitude for it.

Love and Light!


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