Ground Zero

All I ever do is think. My profound thought of the day is; If I didn’t have all these eloquent words in my brain already, and have such an extensive vocabulary – would I be able to fully understand and grasp these complex spiritual concepts? Or could all of the empathy that I feel for everyone and everything be enough to generate sound reason within my mind, heart, and soul? This stems from something I read long ago about a culture that expressed themselves only with aesthetic thoughts and emotions.

Is it pretentious to think that my physical body might have some effect or some semblance of power over my spiritual body? Can someone please tell me how to alter my “vibration?” And to what chord am I tuning?

I know that I am an indigo. If you don’t know what that means I suggest you google it. This, of course, means that I have some divine mission.

When I was young I wanted to be in the Peace Corps. But ever since my rebellious nature – reflected in a series of bad choices – has lead me to live in fear and nonsensical emotion, ( I.e. feeling remorse, regret, shame, and generally feeling like I’m not good enough anymore, or that some part of me has deteriorated spiritually because of it.) I’ve had a really hard time trying to figure out what my mission is exactly.

I’m a musician. and of course, my abstract spiritual views are prevalent in my music. I must express that finding an audience for my abstract views is extremely difficult.

On the flipside, I have many one on one conversations with people where I feel like I’ve been completely influential and beneficial to the other person on a spiritual level.

If I seem pompous or self-righteous it’s because I’m meant to be. In truth, I do not see myself as better or worse than anyone else. This is only clear self assuredness because I know that I’m speaking only from my heart.

I desperately want to know others like me, who feel for the world, as I do. This is where my spirit guides led me to direct my voice. Hopefully I am well heard. Love and Light…

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